Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a thought

Since a lot of times now days we are seeing churches try to use the business world as a model for their church,I just ran across something really neat maybe it will help . Their are four steps to decision making 1.define the problem 2.identify objectives 3.identify and analyze options the best option. In the second step is were we find solution's to a problem. We are either going to be dealing with quantitative (to buy at best price,increase net income)"but the problem with quantitative is that a lot of times you will negate quality". Or qualitative (to buy highest-quality components to increase satisfaction)"because the outcome will be of higher standard and quality". Have you ever bought a knockoff, you know something that in packaging looked like the real thing but wasn't. Even thou the customers that buy into the counterfeits realize that its not the real deal the charred still flourishes WHY!! well because the knockoff is cheaper and everyone around you will think you have the real deal but its really just fool gold. Y.F.T b.t.w satisfied people are productive, that's also a lesson learned from the business world.