Thursday, March 6, 2008


A few months ago I met a guy named William, he had 2 tours in Caltrans, almost back to back. The first and second tours both 30 days. He is a good guy, just young and did some wrong things. In the 60 days total I had him about 30 times on my van. On his last day I gave him my phone number and invited him to church. He got out of the program, and didn't hear from him for about a month. I met a lot of people and invite a lot of people to church, I asked him on his last day, "Have I ever invited you to church?" Even though he had 60 days, I never invited him personally.

When he called he said he said he wanted to come to church. That Sunday he said he couldn't make it and I didn't hear from him again for about a week. I got a phone call one day, while at work from El Paso, TX. It was William, telling me he was moving to Arkansas to live with family.

Another week passed and he called me again, from Arkansas, just to say HI, and to say he was doing well. (I only know him as someone who I made work on the side of the freeway) He told me he was staying in Mena County. After I got off the phone, I got on the computer to find him a UPC church in that county. I found the only UPC church in that area, and wrote the info down. Pastor Jack Smith is in Mena, and the only church in the area. With a sense of urgency, I called him right back after finding the info. His response to me after I gave the info was, That's cool! After being there for four days, he came across a man moving into an apartment and helped him move his furniture into that apartment. William received a church card from Pastor Jack Smith today after helping him move his stuff. This was hours before he called me and I confirmed that there was a church on the same highway he lives on. The church is not very far from where he lives. Please pray for William, the hand of GOD is so evident in this situation. As far as I understand, he had never heard of UPC church organization or Pentecost. God knows what we all need when we need it.

I have seen some cool things living for GOD but this maybe the coolest.


Arkansas River at dusk


Mark Pryor said...

Great testimony, Bro. God knows how to do it!!!

Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

Awesome! I love to hear about stories like this one. God has a wonderful way of putting it all together.
You did your part - and it was the one God was counting on to start the whole thing. Great!

Mark Pryor said...

Is there an update on this testimony...just had it on my mind.