Thursday, February 12, 2009

Since we are told that our lives, is as a story being told sometimes I just wonder about the end of the tale. What I mean is what irritating insignificant something will be able to steal a large portion of our happiness in this life. If we are able to look back on our lives and really see what was really happening. I wonder if we would live like we sometimes do.


Mark Pryor said...

Someone said, "Hindsight in 20/20" but we cannot live our life looking backward...we must look forward into the future that He has prepared for us and trust Him to send a word to keep us on course.

Joe said...

This is true. But just having hindsight was not the meaning behind this blog. My point was not to get to the end and see what stole my joy, but to see it now, and acknowledge what is taking place and follow hard after the Lord for help.