Monday, August 11, 2008

catch a clue

Some call it a habit, others just simply say it's just the way I am, still others will insist that its the way I see things. No matter which crutch you lean on, (if what ever it is) is a constant cause for you to repent over, then I say unto you, it's not that simple of a thing you might think it to be. Pet spirit's, are not uncommon among apostolic people! They are just better concealed. I've seen far to many one GOD people allowing spiritual strongholds of the devil. Year by year they become stronger and stronger. It's high time to be done with sin and GET your MIND on going to HEAVEN, instead of just enjoying this short lived aroma of wordily living.

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Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

In a message years ago, the speaker used "Irish temper" as an example. Well, there is no room in Heaven for the hewing of stones. The preacher went on to say that there was not the sound of hammering or chiseling because the stones where fitted perfectly before hand. Never forgot that message.