Saturday, February 9, 2008


Today is such a beautiful day! I was walking to my truck earlier when I saw a animal control officer at the apartments across the street. Well something like this doesn't usually interest me but this time it did! So I went across the two-way street and saw an officer taking a look at a young hawk, it was just lying on a bush and would move every now and then. This majestic bird of prey was not noticeable injured but something was diffently wrong. This hawk should be flying high in the sky, should be (in it's apparent youth) soaring in the heaven's, but this was not the case. The animal control officer said it looked like perhaps, and the most likely scenario would be that this hawk ingested poison. I started thinking about how this young hawk was like to many people that I know, instead of soaring in life to new hight's, somewhere they get ahold of something that poison's them, and they find themself's hurting and no longer are they enjoying the liberty of the heaven's, and the freedom of flying above the trivial, thier stuck and helpless. O GOD help me not to get a poisoned system and spend my life hurt and sick, but instead O GOD that I may (mount up with wings as an eagle)

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Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

The thing is that more than likely the poison "looked good" and tasted alright for the bird to eat it. So much like the poisons that lurk about around us. But if you keep a healthy "appetite" for the things of God, I believe these worldly morsels will not hold any attraction.
God put the big spot light on me and see...
BTW - Heard you were not feeling very good. Hope you are better today and up and running soon.