Friday, February 29, 2008


I not saying that this is the right thing to do, in fact I am saying it is not. I am kind of embarrassed to even say that I do this. Since gas has gone up in price, it just about breaks my heart to fill up my truck. It almost brings tears to my eyes, when the pump closes in on $98.00. I have a tendency to only put $30-40 at any given time. It doesn't get you a lot of gas when you drive a gas guzzler like my truck. Today, I was on my way to the chiropractor. I realized I was low on fuel (in all honesty, the fuel light came on 2 days ago), since I have a habit of running low, I have learned how far I can push my truck, once the warning light goes on...about 42 miles, give or take a couple of tenths. Today even though I passed many stations, I never pulled over to fill up, just kept pushing on fumes. While I was in the chiropractors office in, neck traction, I started thinking and asked the Lord, do I ever run my life like I run this truck? He has given me all the opportunities to be topped off, I wounder if I ever run on fumes. Have I gotten used to being able to tell when I need just a little more of God, verses just running on vapors of the last experience. The thought hit me, that even though I know just how far I can push this truck, one day I am going to go a little to far and be stranded. Oh what a needless self inflicted pain that will be.


Mark Pryor said...

Great post and I think the picture nails it. Gas is a definitely an arm and a leg these days. :-)

Joe said...

Thanks for the comment, can't wait till theirs no more sea!!!!!!

Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

The manna was fresh every day, except on the sabbath. We are admonished to "be renewed daily". Stagnant water, well it can get stinky. And fumes - usually translate as - beware of or do not inhale.
All that to say, good post Bro. Joe.
When the time comes for "no more sea" we won't need gasoline either if I understand what you mean!!! :)

Joe said...

thanks for the comment,not having to depend on certain resources will be nice, but PEACE and the void of division is the ticket.

Eve said...

I have a blog, Traveling on fumes which brought me here to yours. I just typed in the title in google and chose a random page. Yours came up...LOL

I never thought about this before but there is a comparison with the gas situation and our faith walk. Nice to meet a fellow traveler.