Saturday, February 2, 2008

NOT THE SAME 2 conti...

"I know not the LORD, this was the responce of Pharaoh when confronted with the statement made by moses to "let my people go" (thus saith the LORD). After waking up this morning this thought would not leave me alone,"the charater of a Pharaoh". First thing he didn't reconize a mam of GOD, Exd 5:4 (get you unto your burdens)and because he didn't realize who he was speaking to, his immediate response was to blame it on the people and increase thier already heavy burden. Now we start to see what it takes to be "A Pharaoh" Exd 7:22 "And the magicians of Egypt did so with their enchantments" as long as a person who is aspiring to be a Pharaoh see's that though enchantments they can get the same results as the true works of GOD, then they will never let go and let GOD do what he really desires to do. After the frog's we see that Pharaoh start's his famous "I will let you go"-(just kidding) skit and there is were we get WHAT I SAY IS REALLY NOT WHAT I MEAN.


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