Monday, September 15, 2008

ASAPH ( as soon as possible, hurry)

Asaph had a problem,for 16 verses in (psa 73 1-16) he's writing about the wicked he saw, the ones that didn't even acknowledge God were being blessed. All asaph could see was that all his righteous living was done in vain, well just take a good look and see their prosperity, compared to my meager means. Now we can't be to hard on asaph, because his reaction is not that different than a lot of us today (if were honest). But in verse 17, after getting into the presence of the LORD when he went to the sanctuary,then he Understood their end. We don't have to be in obscure poverty to be Godly, nor do I believe that God in his righteous judgements can't bless us with great wealth and possessions, but he knows what we need to be saved. Wither we have much or little just remember this one thing, the abundance or lack of stuff matters little, what matter's is the END!!! Y.F.T


Eve said...

That's what I said in my post yesterday. Great mind think alike. : )
It is not where we start but where we finish. I wouldn't chnage any of the hard ships because each one brought me closer to salvation.

Joe said...

That's so true.

Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

Paul does speak to us about being content with or without. We can't take anything with us, except in the spirit.