Friday, September 5, 2008

sail on

Thank GOD for defined boundaries, Bro Mullen's preached on a river, when within its banks, its a powerful moving force. You can sail on a river, a river is moving, its alive with current. BUT if the boundaries are breached, it becomes nothing but a marsh; something just to get stuck in. Its a swamp, breeding nothing but blood sucking, life destroying mosquitoes and a host of other vile creatures. I could go on and on relating this to the spiritual, but I believe you get the idea. Y.F.T


Mark Pryor said...

I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading while waiting for someone and it appears to me that Defining Times I, II and Sailing On seem to be a continuous thought so I will only comment once. :-)

Bro. Mullin's message on boundaries was incredible as was Larry Booker's about "What A Difference A Line Can Make."

While society may not appreciates absolutes, the church and the Word of God is filled with them. The Word of God gives us some clearly defined lines that must never become blurred or erased.

While we as Apostolic/Pentecostals ought to be in motion just as the runner you wrote about or the water that flows we must stay within the banks or the lines of the Holy Writ.

It must be line upon line as we progress into the revival that God has for the church of this hour.

Joe said...

It seems to be a continuous thought,It's been something that just wont leave me as of late.

Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

I see the continuous thought, it's a good one.

A phrase that has stayed with me - in the same line: If the trumpet give an uncertain sounds...

I would love to hear the couple of messages Pastor is referring to.