Saturday, September 27, 2008


I feel good in the Lord today! their is no wondering in my soul of what GOD is going to do. All I know is that whoever does whatever this one thing remains the same, the LORD is in control of it all!! and he will have his will be done. Remember, just because judgement has not fell yet doesn't mean it's not on it's way, he is mercifully. I feel good because even though the adversary tries to bring us down "I still remain".


Eve said...

No matter how low we get, Joe, there is always the thought that we are children of the King. This place is not our home and someday we will be with him forever. Things don't seem as hard when we know this is all temporary and only to be endured for a while. Pray for me, I am fighting an old illness.

Joe said...

I will eve.