Thursday, September 4, 2008

defining times 2

When the runner is assigned his lane by the official,the goal is the only thing that runner is consumed with. And while their is a line on his left and right, his only concern is to stay in the boundaries of his lane that the official deemed to be his.Never does he try to run close to the line,in fact the runner is safer, when he stays well within the boundaries of what is set before him.The runner knows that being careless,could cost him everything all of the sacrifice,all of the suffering in training WILL be of naught if while in the heat of the race,he crosses that line.Run for the prize, looking at the finish line that lays ahead, but always remember don't step over the disqualifying line. Y.F.T.

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Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

You are on the roll Brother Joe. I'm running and I want to stay within the lines!