Thursday, January 24, 2008


For 1000 year's Constantinople stood as the jewel of Christianity and also as the last stronghold that held Islam out of Europe. While many attempts were made to breach it's walls, the integrity of it's walls and the Spirit of residence to a foreign force was strong. Then there came a time of unrest amongst the orthodox and unionist of the Catholic church. The unionist had the power of Rome behind their undertaking or to say movement. Because the orthodox did not buy into the idea of the pope being GOD'S infallible mouth piece. This fighting inside the city caused a sultan named Mehmet to take notice and decide to attack Constantinople. History records that the siege of 1453 was the most notable, fierce assault ever recorded. Without reciting the entire story, Constantinople fell and history also tells us that even after two vicious attacks and over 42 days of siege, the over all integrity of the city held. Record keepers in the camp of Mehmet tell history that the sultan would only attempt 1 more time to sac the great city. There were two reasons that the prized "red apple" of the west, fell. First in a hurried rush one of the cities gates were left open, in which the enemy took full advantage of. Second the leader of the defenders was wounded and taken away from the front lines. Without leadership the soldiers started leaving the stand they took. This lead to the enemy being able to scale the walls unopposed and in moments took hold of the city.



Mark Pryor said...

This fits with your post below of Lincoln's speech. There is no doubt that an enemy within the walls is more deadly than one without.

Joe said...

Thank's for the comment,When I started writting I didn't realize to later that it happen like that.

Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

In school, I loved history - Constantinople/Istanbul -the fierce Turks - it was all adventures!
Disunity - one definition is friction - open the door that lead to the fall because the enemy took notice of the problem. After that, it was all down hill so to speak.

Joe said...

History is notorious in it's abilty to repeat it'self.