Friday, January 11, 2008

Think about it...

The saying goes "Friends don't let friends drive drunk", because everyone knows that driving under the influence causes harm to them and innocent bystanders. I believe strongly that the same sentiment should hold true even more with fellow brothers of like faith. The bible says that "Jesus Wept" when he came to the city of Jerusalem, knowing the condition of the people inside. Compassion, is what lead our savior to weep over the city. What an example for us to have gotten from our Lord. All you have to do is read the newspaper once weekly or listen to a commentary on the radio, you'll see real fast the shape this world is in. On every hand there seems that there is no such thing as compassion anymore. Family members killing, family members, selfishness running ramped everywhere you look. If there is anyplace were compassion should be shown, it ought to be in the church. Not excluding our reasonable service to the lost.(Having love one for another is bible) Just as much as "Go ye out into all the world" Charity begins at home. There is not enough time and there is no space for being unmerciful. We only have one go around in this life, with everything that is in us, lets grab ahold of it and have compassion for one another. Brethren, do not allow brethren to hurt alone, they bear up one another.


Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

Great post Bro Joe. One can look just fine on the outside, and be hurting so bad on the inside. Let God's love flow freely - my prayer, for years, every time I pray.
Jesus is the answer for the world today and for the church - and Jesus is love.
God bless you,

Sis Catherine

Joe said...

Sis Catherine
Thank you for your comment
Bro Joe

Mark Pryor said...

Great post. Sis Mickey Mangun spoke at BOTT on the subject of grief and she talked about losing her dad this last year and the process of grieving and how that many times we think people have healed when they are still hurting. There is a definite need in our world for compassion.