Thursday, January 17, 2008


How you approach anything whether it be handling of bills, raising of children or whatever it may be it's imperative that we approach it the right way.(way of handling, method of attack, attitude, method, procedure, technique) these are but a few ways to explain what I mean when I write about approach "An unhealthy approach to the handling of a problem is trying to fix symptoms in hope that it will right whats wrong. A healthy approach is discerning what the problem is!!! Then FIXING the problem instead of aggravating ourselves because we spend all our time playing with symptoms in hopes that doing so will miraculously solve the problem. Y.F.T (your fellow traveler)


Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

Right. Sometimes, a lot of times, if we are honest, the problem lies within us. Don't wear ear plugs if the faucet makes noise, change the faucet!
I like your last sentence"...playing with the symptoms in hope...", I want God to show me what the problem is - it's my only hope to get it fixed.

Joe said...

Sis. catherine may GOD help us all be more sensative to him.