Friday, January 25, 2008

Not the same 1

It is very tiring to hear about charismatic charlatans. For personal gain they deceive and just destroy truth, all because their agenda is themselves. They can't make truth obsolete. In the hearts and minds of people that are looking for help in a troubled and scary world, these wolves in sheep's clothing literally, with a smile on their face, consume the very hope, and trample the trust others put in them. This comes from being in prayer and having GOD whisper to me "the difference between SHOW and Demonstration". Benny Hinn is the perfect example of what I'm talking about, this fraud has been revealed openly and still he operates in the realm, in league, with the devil and still people flock to him. What we need so desperately in this hour, is to really realize that not only does the true church have to contend with this world but these that have "crept in unaware" Jud 1:4. O GOD we need the moving of your spirit, WE have to have the gifts of the spirit in full opperation ammong us.

B.T.W more will follow on this topic.


Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

The world is desperate for hope.
The only real hope is in the church of the Living God. Yes we need and want the gifts of the Spirit to be in operation among us - it is part of the Divine plan!

Joe said...

So true.